Motegi GT Grand Final: It’s on!

The GT Association (GTA), sanctioning body of Super GT, confirmed this past week the two-race doubleheader at Twin Ring Motegi to end the 2016 season – promoted as the “Motegi GT Grand Final” by the circuit.

Two 250 kilometer races will be held on the final weekend of the season, on Saturday 12 November, and Sunday 13 November. There will be a qualifying session held on Saturday and Sunday mornings to set the grids for the two races, with practice held on Friday 11 November.

Saturday’s 250km race is the make-up race for the cancelled round at Autopolis, explaining why it will be advertised as Round 3 of the championship, though it is actually the seventh race of the season. For this race, the weight handicap for teams will be reduced to 1 kilogram per point scored, as is customary for the penultimate race of the season.

Sunday’s race is the originally-scheduled Motegi GT 250km Race, where weight handicap will be removed from all cars in a free-for-all shootout for the title.

A maximum of 42 points will be on offer for a single weekend, with the addition of a bonus point for the team that scores pole position.

Tickets for the Motegi GT Grand Final will go on sale Saturday, 10 September.


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