Super GT on NISMO TV finally returns!

NISMO announced via Twitter that they will livestream this weekend’s Sugo GT 300km Race via their NISMO TV YouTube, marking the return of live coverage of Super GT to international markets after a bit of a farcical saga that saw the opening two races at Okayama and Fuji blacked out.

NISMO TV will carry the race live, in its entirety and with English-language commentary, on July 24 (please check the Super GT World timetable for when the race starts in your time zone).

This first broadcast will be co-commentated by Racecar Engineering deputy editor and Radio Le Mans talent Sam Collins, who has been a constant fixture of Super GT broadcasts on NISMO TV since the launch of the programme in 2014. He is joined by Martin Haven, a veteran commentator for various motorsport series in a career spanning nearly twenty years.

In the midst of what could be a landmark season in Super GT, it’s great to have the series back on NISMO TV – and easily accessible to fans across the globe.

*Please note that due to territorial restrictions, Super GT on NISMO TV may not be accessible in certain countries.


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