Pokémon GO is a hit at Sugo, as well

Since its launch in America earlier this July, Pokémon GO has been a rather transformative title for mobile devices – helping several generations of Pokémon fans rekindle their love for the series, bringing in new fans, helping young people carry out more active lifestyles, and making old people with sorely unfulfilled lives angry for no reason whatsoever.

Yesterday, Pokémon GO made its Japanese debut, and it’s become quite the hit at Sportsland Sugo during preparation for this weekend’s Super GT race.

You’ll never know when a Bulbasaur will be spotted, such as in the Goodsmile Racing garage. As it turns out, many of the GSR team members have been enjoying themselves on their Pokémon adventures.

Well, except for one Nobuteru Taniguchi, the team’s star driver.

Goodsmile Racing aren’t the only team seeking to be the very best (like no one ever was). As demonstrated in this fierce standoff in the pitlane, with VivaC Team Samurai driver Takamitsu Matsui trying to capture a Level 50 rookie-type, Rintaro Kubo of Arnage Racing.

Image Credit: Ryuji Hirano / AUTOSPORTweb

In Super GT, the dominant three-way rivalry is that between Nissan, Lexus, and Honda – but this weekend, another bitter three-way feud is starting to emerge – that between Valor, Mystic, and Instinct.


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