Gainer engineer speaks out over “fatal problem” in GT300 balance

Gainer team chief engineer Yosuke Fukuda took to Twitter yesterday to speak out over the weight difference between the FIA GT3-specification cars and the JAF-GT300-specification cars in the GT300 class.

“Having competed for championships with both GT3 and JAF-GT machines, the minimum 200 kilogram difference in weight between GT3 and JAF-GT cars is a fatal problem with the balance between the two categories that must be corrected,” Fukuda said in a tweet.

Though the FIA GT3-spec cars, such as the #0 Nissan GT-R and #11 Mercedes-AMG GT3 used by Gainer in the GT300 class, typically have 100 to 200 more horsepower than their JAF-GT300 rivals, both the Nissan GT-R and Mercedes-AMG tipped the scales at over 1300 kg after the latest round of BoP adjustments.

In contrast, the Toyota Prius GT, Dome-Toyota 86 MC, and Subaru BRZ GT that took the podium places at Sugo this weekend each weigh anywhere from 1100 to 1150 kg – and combined with their superior aerodynamic profile, the high-downforce JAF-GT300 cars were decisively quicker throughout the Sugo race meeting at the technical, undulating circuit.

The #11 Gainer AMG of Katsuyuki Hiranaka and Bjorn Wirdheim (which is engineered by Fukuda) was the best of the GT3 contingent at Sugo, finishing fourth and briefly leading during the mid-race pit cycle. The #0 Gainer GT-R of defending GT300 champion Andre Couto and Ryuichiro Tomita, however, just missed the points in eleventh.

The high-horsepower Gainer GT3 specials may enjoy better luck at Fuji Speedway in two weeks’ time.


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