Rain expected for Suzuka 1000km race

Rain is expected to be a factor in the International Suzuka 1000km race for the second consecutive year.

The latest forecasts for Suzuka Circuit this weekend from Tenki.jp show up to a 70 percent chance of rain and precipitation as high as 4 millimeters per hour at the circuit on Sunday, with temperatures as high as 29° C during the middle hours of the race.

However, Saturday is expected to be a dry, sunny affair with highs around 31-32° C, some clouds in the afternoon, and no more than a 10% chance of rain before the end of qualifying.

The Suzuka 1000km has been affected by rain two times in the last five years, in 2011 and 2015. Both times, rainy conditions ultimately forced to be stopped at a time limit short of the scheduled distance.

The rain is expected to ease up during the middle portion of the race, just as it did a year ago. How the teams handle the changeable conditions will go a long way in determining the winners in both GT500 and GT300.

It is important to note that Typhoon Lionrock will be approaching Japan in the days to come, and while it is expected to decrease in strength before it makes landfall, it will still bring heavy rain and strong winds along with it. Those in the affected communities should please heed all typhoon advisories and take all necessary precautions.


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