“Competing in Super GT is possible” says Jenson Button

A rumour that was at about a double fire emoji (🔥🔥) is now getting a bump up to three, if not four whole fire emoji (🔥🔥🔥🔥).

Former Formula 1 World Champion Jenson Button said at a promotional event leading up to this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix that he may very well race in the Autobacs Super GT Series in 2017 for Honda, while also stating that he is not retiring from Formula 1 just yet.

“I want to spend more time with friends, family and to do other things…I love triathlons and maybe I’ll race in something else like Rallycross or Super GT in Japan,” Button is quoted as saying by Reuters on Wednesday.

(You can go back and read our first commentary on this rumour right here)

Button had previously been quoted as mentioning Super GT as a possible option during an interview with Sky Sports on September 3, the date that his sabbatical from Formula 1 was announced.

He remains under contract with McLaren Honda through 2017, leaving Super GT as one of his few viable racing alternatives for next year while remaining an ambassador to the team.

And, per Racecar Engineering deputy editor and Super GT commentator Sam Collins, Honda F1 project leader Yusuke Hasegawa has said that they are interested in having Button race in Japan, but no talks have been formally made as of two weeks ago.

The option to race in rallycross is inspired by his late father, John, who was himself an accomplished rallycross driver in the United Kingdom during the 1970s.

“There are so many options and that’s why it’s exciting, because I can sort of live my life the way I want to next year,” said Button. “I have a contract to race with the team in 2018 if the team wants me to race and if I feel that I want to race.

“I’ve been driving in Formula One for 17 years, which is my whole adult life, so I want to live a year in my life that is not by (its) schedule.”

Should Button join Super GT with Honda, he will become the first former Formula 1 World Champion to race in the series.


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