#30 apr Prius without hybrid system in Thailand

The #30 apr Racing Toyota Prius GT of Kota Sasaki and Hiroaki Nagai will race in next weekend’s Buriram United Super GT Race at Chang International Circuit in Thailand, but without their hybrid system.

Due to the fact that the car’s lithium ion battery cannot be shipped from Japan to Thailand, the car will simply run without the hybrid system that provides additional power to the car’s 3.4 liter V8 engine. To offset the weight of the missing hybrid system, the car will run an additional 35 kilograms of ballast as a Balance of Performance (BoP) adjustment.

However their sister car, the #31 Prius of Koki Saga and Yuichi Nakayama, will be able to use its capacitor-based hybrid powertrain in Thailand.

The #30 Prius of Sasaki and Nagai has struggled for pace and success in comparison to their Prius teammates this year, scoring just two points via a single top-ten finish – 9th at the Fuji 500km in May.

One additional BoP change sees another increase in the minimum ground clearance for JAF-GT cars in the GT300 class, up from 10 millimeters to 15 mm for this round.

The full BoP table for the Buriram United Super GT Race is available at the official Super GT website.


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