Meet the 2017 Honda NSX-GT

Honda have officially revealed their 2017 challenger for the Autobacs Super GT Series, the Honda NSX-GT.

The 2017 NSX-GT is an evolution of the current NSX Concept-GT, and represents the proper re-introduction of Japan’s first mid-engined flagship supercar into the GT500 category. After it was first spotted at a three-day manufacturer test at Autopolis circuit, this is the first proper in-depth look at the ultimate version of the Honda NSX.

© Honda

With the 2017 regulations seeking to reduce GT500 vehicle downforce by 25 percent, Honda have focused their efforts on seeking aerodynamic gains below the “design line” of the new NSX-GT, along the front and rear bumper, and the side panels.

The NSX-GT is 125 millimeters shorter than the previous NSX Concept-GT, another key component of the revised aero regulations.

© Honda

The front styling has been updated to reflect that of the newly-launched Honda NSX road car, compared to its prototype versions that served as the basis for the NSX Concept-GT. Front and rear LED lamps illuminate the way for the NSX-GT.

As with the other 2017 GT500 models, including the Lexus LC 500, the form of the NSX-GT is closer to that of its road-going variant than the previous generation of GT500 cars.

© Honda

The heart of GT500’s sole midship racer remains unchanged: The turbocharged, two-litre, four-cylinder Honda HR-414E engine will continue to serve as the NSX-GT’s powerplant, paired with a Hewland six-speed sequential gearbox.

Honda’s Super Handling All Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system will be absent from this racing version of course, and unlike the previous NSX Concept-GT, it will not feature a hybrid powertrain upon launch, as hybrids have been banned from the top class under the current regulations.

The struggles of Honda’s GT500 programme since 2014 are well documented, but if the NSX-GT is as capable as it is beautiful, it will spark a return to proper form for Honda in Super GT next season.


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