Sportsland Sugo’s iconic final corner renovated ahead of 2017 season

One of the most iconic and treacherous corners in Japanese motorsport is getting some slight renovations ahead of the 2017 racing season.

Recent photos surfaced of the newly-reprofiled 110R corner at Sportsland Sugo in Murata, Miyagi Prefecture, which will have an expanded section of tarmac runoff.

The new runoff section starts as the high-speed right-hand corner goes uphill leading into the main straightaway.

110R has seen a few potentially dangerous incidents in recent years, such as Takuya Izawa’s crash in 2008, and most recently Shinnosuke Yamada’s accident in 2016 that caused the race to be red-flagged and declared official short of the scheduled distance.

This is not the first time that the runoffs at Sugo have been renovated in the name of safety, with the runoff at the first and second corners being paved over and expanded in 2014.

Regardless of the change, Sportsland Sugo – the shortest circuit with the narrowest margins of all the major Japanese motor circuits – will remain one of the toughest circuits to drive, and there will be zero tolerance for any driver wishing to abuse the new tarmac runoff to their advantage.


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