Entry List: 2017 Super GT in Kyushu 300km

The GT Association, sanctioning body and promoter of the Autobacs Super GT Series, have officially published the entry list for the upcoming Super GT in Kyushu 300km at Autopolis on May 20-21.

GT500 Class (15 Cars)

GT300 Class (30 Cars)

Here are the brief notes for Round 3’s entry list.

© Toyota

Round 3 will see the first use of GT500’s reworked Success Ballast system, which includes a three-tier fuel flow restrictor allocation for teams exceeding 50kg of Success Ballast.

The top three teams in GT500 – Lexus Team KeePer TOM’s (62kg), Lexus Team Wako’s LeMans (60kg), and Lexus Team ZENT Cerumo (58kg) will each see their fuel flow rates cut from the standard 95 kg/hr to 92.4 kg/hr.

In terms of actual ballast weight on the cars, they’ll still be the heaviest, with 45, 43, and 41 kg of extra weight on board for KeePer TOM’s, Wako’s and ZENT respectively.

© D’station Racing

There’s only one change from the standard entry list, as 2015 GT300 champion André Couto replaces Sven Müller in the #33 D’station Porsche with Tomonobu Fujii. Müller will miss Autopolis, as well as SUGO and the Fuji 300km, due to clashes with the ADAC GT Masters championship in Germany.

Apart from that, all 45 teams have their regular two-driver combinations, including Kazuki Nakajima and Yuji Kunimoto back at Lexus Team au TOM’s and Lexus Team WedsSport Bandoh respectively in GT500.

The #50 INGING & Arnage Racing Ferrari 488 GT3 (Akihiro Tsuzuki/Morio Nitta) and the #360 RunUp Nissan GT-R GT3 (Yusaku Shibata/Atsushi Tanaka) are both back on the entry list as well, after both teams missed the Fuji 500km due to crash damage.





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