Happy 1-year anniversary!

Today, July 1, 2017, is Super GT World’s one-year anniversary. A project that started out of love that has become, really, one of the best things I’ve ever embarked on.

This time last year, I’d been thinking about doing something like this, but was never confident in my own ability to follow through with it to the level that I would want out of myself. I was, for all intents and purposes, very wayward and seeking direction not just as a writer, not just as a creative person, but as a human individual.

That I’ve been able to keep this up for a whole year is something that I’m proud of – and I thank each and every one of you for staying with us.

Super GT World really is a project of love and devotion of one person, myself, who was curious about the series since childhood, finally got a chance to watch it, desired to know everything they could about it, and then wished to share that knowledge to the world (and I’m still learning with every passing day on the job.)

Lately, I’ve had to get a couple of “real jobs” which mean 50-hour work weeks and no days off. It’s a reality many people everywhere face. It means that I’ve had to make sacrifices – including sacrifices to the time spent doing articles over the spring break.

I make no money off of this, but so long as Super GT World operates under the model I have established, I will never put our original content – from our feature articles to our commentaries to our race analyses – behind a paywall just to justify the venture.

You can, however, back the site, and back myself, financially by buying me a cup of coffee through Ko-Fi. It is entirely voluntary, of course, and I cannot thank you enough for the support.

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

A sincere thank you to all the teams and drivers who have supported us over the past year: TOM’s Racing, NISMO, Gainer, Arnage Racing, Nick Cassidy, Ryo Hirakawa, Ronnie Quintarelli, Bertrand Baguette, João Paulo de Oliviera, James Rossiter, Katsumasa Chiyo, Jono Lester, Jake Parsons, Mitsunori Takaboshi, Ryuichiro Tomita, Björn Wirdheim, Richard Lyons, Christian Klein, Tomonobu Fujii, Ryo Ogawa, Luis Felipe Derani, and Jenson Button – as well as the many drivers to come to the series in the years to follow.

Thank you to Graham Goodwin and Stephen Kilbey of DailySportsCar, who were gracious enough to welcome me to their team for the 2017 season. Thank you to Sam Collins of Racecar Engineering and NISMO TV, as well as Paul Ryan of NISMO, Chris Jordan and Megumi Sato of Nissan, and Scott Brownlee of Lexus.

Thank you to the entire crew of the extended Motorsport 101 family – Andre Harrison, Ryan King, and Adam Johnson – the latter of whom was really responsible for getting me my first podcasting role. Thank you to Sarah Connors, Alice Wakely, Zoe Hamilton, and Rei – just four of several awesome women I know who love motorsport and want to make it a better place for all.

Thank you to the entire Super GT/WEC Reddit community, thank you to the community at Ten-Tenths and GTPlanet, thank you to Alex Sinclair, Mark Whitelegge, Pierre-Laurent Ribault, Nicolas Dura, and especially to my friend Geinou – who have all helped out a lot.

And thank you to everyone who has ever read an article of ours, shared an article of ours, followed us on Twitter – it means the world to me.

And, of course, thank you, mom, and dad.

Much love,

-R.J. O’Connell


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