Fujii (Tomonobu) picks up practice ban at Fuji (Speedway)

D’station Racing driver Tomonobu Fujii will serve a one-hour ban from the first hour of Saturday practice during the upcoming Fuji GT 300km Race at Fuji International Speedway, due to penalty points accrued under the Driving Moral Hazard System at the last round at Sportsland Sugo.

Fujii, who had three points to his license going into the Sugo GT 300km Race last week, was given another two points for what was deemed by race stewards as avoidable contact with the #21 Hitotsuyama Audi R8 LMS of Masataka Yanagida on lap 33.

During the race, Fujii was assessed a drive-through penalty for avoidable contact. After review, he was assessed two Moral Hazard points towards his license, giving him a total of five. Once a driver exceeds four points under the Driving Moral Hazard System, they serve an automatic ban for the first hour of practice.

Fujii and Yuya Motojima ultimately finished 15th, the worst finish for D’station Racing this season.

The Driving Moral hazard system was established by Super GT and its sanctioning body, the GT Association (GTA) to ensure high-quality racing, sportsmanship amongst drivers, and safe driving standards for all who participate.


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