Typhoon Noru may bring rains to Fuji 300km

With the sun set to rise over Fuji Speedway soon for practice and qualifying for Round 5 of the Autobacs Super GT Series, we may have rain on the forecast for the second consecutive race.

With Typhoon Noru approaching Japan this weekend and set to bring torrential rain and winds to the southern parts of the country, there may be rain from the outskirts of the storm that could throw a curveball to the Super GT teams in this weekend’s Fuji 300km.

WeatherNews, the Japanese-based weather bureau, have conservative weather predictions for Fuji Speedway, with only a 60 percent chance of rain for Saturday, mostly cloudy conditions, and just a 40 percent chance of rain on Sunday. Projected highs are 30°C for mid-Sunday afternoon.

However, Weather.com predicts a potential worst-case scenario of showers throughout Saturday with a 60 percent chance of rain, but a 100 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms for the race on Sunday.

Fuji Speedway has been subject to wild weather over the years, most infamously at the 1998 All-Japan Fuji GT Race, as well as both runnings of the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix in 2007 & 2008, and the 2013 WEC 6 Hours of Fuji. The last wet-weather race at Fuji for Super GT was held at this event in August of 2014, where the race was red-flagged due to standing water on the track.

We advise everyone in the affected areas to take any and all necessary safety precautions.


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