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Super GT Silly Season Update: The 2019 GT300 Landscape

We are just days away from knowing the full GT500 grid in the Autobacs Super GT Series, which will include Nissan’s announcements on 9 February from Yokohama, and Toyota Motor Corporation’s announcements, which we are told will be on 7 January (thanks to @RJ_TGR on Twitter for the tip).

Now, it’s time to take a look at what the GT300 grid might look like come 2019. The staff at auto sport Web posted an update today, 5 February, which should appear in print form in the next issue of auto sport Magazine. There have already been some big announcements that will shake up the GT300 grid this season, and it’s safe to say that there may be some more big announcements in the days to come.

DISCLAIMER: All of the information in this article is speculative, and has not been confirmed by any of the manufacturers, drivers, or teams involved.

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Jenson Button edges closer to full-time Super GT drive in 2018

“It gave me my love of motorsport back,” were the words of former Formula 1 World Drivers’ Champion Jenson Button when reflecting upon his Autobacs Super GT Series debut at this year’s Suzuka 1000km.

Now, it seems as if there’s more to come from the 2009 World Champion, who in recent interviews has said that he will be racing in Japan next year – specifically, it is very highly likely that Button will commit full-time to the GT500 class in 2018.

The only other question, is to which of the big three manufacturers will Button be headed in 2018 – will it be with Honda, or will it be with Nissan?

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International Suzuka 1000km: The Hall of Fame – 1966-1998

Welcome to the second installment of the International Suzuka 1000km Hall of Fame, a look back at the winners of Japan’s great race at Suzuka Circuit, in the build-up to the 46th and final running of the event.

This installment focuses on the overall winners from before the GT500 era, through the first 27 runnings of the event from 1966 to 1998 – a span of over 30 years that encompasses many landmark eras of endurance sports car racing, including the Group C sports prototypes that starred in the 1980s and early 1990s.

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Super GT’s 7 Most Dominant Champions

Throughout its quarter-century of history, the Autobacs Super GT Series has been one of the most closely-contested championships in racing every year. That is entirely by design.

When the series was established in 1993 as the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (JGTC), they sought to curtail the lopsided runs of dominance that had hampered their predecessors, the All-Japan Sports Prototype Championship (JSPC), which had been thoroughly dominated by Porsche throughout the 1980s, then Nissan in the early ’90s before the series folded.

This was also at a time when the Nissan Skyline GT-R had so thoroughly dominated the All-Japan Touring Car Championship (JTCC) that it won every race it entered from 1990 to 1993, and driven all of their competition down to the lower categories.

Through aggressive weight handicaps, engine restrictions, and an ever-tightening rulebook, establishing comprehensive dominance in a season of Super GT competition was always going to be difficult, and in recent years, as the level of competition has risen with every passing year in both GT500 and GT300 categories, it’s now even harder to be a truly dominant champion in the series.

But on rare occasions, there comes a team, a car, and a set of drivers that can establish dominance throughout the course of a season, and in the ultra-competitive environment of Super GT, which has seen the GT500 title decided in the final race of the season 21 out of 23 times, which has seen the GT300 title decided on a tiebreaker in back-to-back seasons in 2006 and 2007, these dominant runs become even more special.

Keeping that in mind as Super GT World presents its list of the 7 most dominant championship-winning seasons in the history of the top class of Japanese motorsport.

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